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Growth based on good ideas

On 20th November 1958 a small firm, the "Metallwaren GmbH", was established in a car workshop in Eislingen. The production program consisted of three small, labor-saving items  that served to secure bolts and a movable hinge joint. Walter Engelmann contributed these three inventions. Together with the Martin Bros. Bank and the Zurich firm of Polyprodukte GmbH, Engelmann was the co-founder and the driving force behind establishing the firm.

The extension of the product range and the steadily growing market – mainly the car industry was developing rapidly, but other industries were also booming – resulted in the construction of a new building and the move to Salach in 1964. The subsequent developments, inventions and product support at SPRINGFIX up to the present day are clearly reflected in the company’s outstanding position on the market.

On 23rd April 1991 MOLLIFICIO S. AMBROGIO s.p.a., an ultramodern production plant for punched and bent parts, acquired SPRINGFIX.

A fortunate symbiosis: as a result of the similarity of the products and their similar origins as a very small firm, they complement each other perfectly.

Nowadays SPRINGFIX is part of the M.S.Ambrogio s.p.a. Group, Italy.


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