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Environmental protection

Environmental protection is very important to SPRINGRIX Befestigungsstechnik GmbH. This is reflected in our Environmental, Energy and Occupational Safety Policy.

The fulfillment of the relevant binding obligations and official requirements as well as internal requirements are essential prerequisites for our activities.

The concerns of environmental protection and occupational safety as well as the economical use of energy fall into every area of ​​activity of all employees of our company. Your currency is checked, assessed and monitored. Our efforts to ergonomically design workplaces, reduce hazardous substances, waste, emissions and conserve resources and reduce energy consumption continue unabated.

We will continue to adapt and continuously improve the procedures for limiting environmental impacts, both for the intended operation and in the event of a malfunction, to the state of technical development, insofar as this is economically justifiable.

We want to constantly monitor and continuously improve our energy efficiency. Our goal is to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency.

The purchase of energy-efficient products and services supports the improvement of the company's energy-related performance.

Internal and external information, communication and further training are of particular concern to us. We want to create trust among our customers and external contractual partners. The update with regard to the aspects of environmental protection, occupational safety and energy management will be continued and a sense of responsibility for the environment, energy consumption and occupational safety will be promoted at all levels. Motivated employees help us to avoid accidents at work and occupational diseases.

We ensure the effectiveness and implementation of our environmental, energy and occupational health and safety policy, our goals and environmental and energy programs through control, documentation and, if necessary, any necessary corrections. The environmental, energy and occupational safety policy is published for all employees, for external people who work for our company and for interested third parties.

The environmental, energy and occupational safety policy is the basis of the environmental, energy and occupational safety management system of Springfix Befestigungsstechnik GmbH. It describes the principles of action related to long-term environmental, energy and occupational safety as well as the company's prospects and goals.

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We are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.


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