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Load lashing module

Purpose: Fastening a load-restraining device in a car.

Since with high loads even the high-quality plastics result in excessive material cross-sections, the assembly was divided up as specified into the smallest number of visual and functional components. The problem of avoiding noise was achieved by extending the attractively designed cover cap, by enclosing the mounting of the fastening ring with the same plastic and thus precluding direct contact of the steel ring with the other load-carrying structure. The screw can be kept at a pre-assembled depth to simplify screwing in. To reduce the installation height of the assembly, a high-strength material was selected for the strike plate.



Nut with connection ring

Purpose: Screw connection point with reduced surface pressure.

For hybrid assembly units with components subject to creepage the surface pressure for a given screw-on force must be reduced to below the permissible surface pressure. For this application, the contact surfaces are enlarged. This screw connection has higher screw torques, so the weld nut and the pressure distribution disk were firmly welded to the C45 support plate. The nut assembly is then bainitically treated and in the final stage provided with a corrosion-resistant and insulating zinc flake coating.



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