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Purpose: Fixing adjustable spacing between two components.

An assembly that serves to fix a variable distance consists of several different high-quality engineering plastics. The spacing components that are to be secured are, for example, a vehicle cover against the vehicle frame. For reasons of appearance and air resistance special importance is attached to the transitions of the engine hood.

Consisting of highly glass-fiber reinforced polyamide, threaded parts interlock so far into one another when the hood is first firmly closed to its intended position that a fixing ring can positively lock the spring-enabled outer threaded ring on the inner threaded mandrel and thus following the flap is always stopped at this position. It must be possible to actuate the fixing ring by hand, before locking by means of the thread, in order to be able to carry out fine adjustment should this be necessary.

The major advantage of the system is the substantially shorter assembly time in comparison with conventional components. In order to buffer the closing impact of the flap and to suppress the generation of noise, the element on the flap side carries a TPU soft component attached by two-component injection molding. A major advantage is the pre-defined breaking force of the fixing ring in the event of an accident with pedestrian impact on the engine hood. A further development enables the energy of such an impact to be reduced via a mechanical braking of the evasive movement.




  • doubletube-clipdoubletube-clip
  • cover-clipcover-clip
  • ornamentalstrip-tailornamentalstrip-tail
  • doubleclip-retainer with tolerance compensationdoubleclip-retainer with tolerance compensation
  • fastening-clip with sealfastening-clip with seal
  • centringcentring
  • profilehole-coverprofilehole-cover
  • cw-sillcovercw-sillcover
  • holder control-unitholder control-unit

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